I got my start in computer journalism back in 1986 when eWeek was called PC Week — I was part of the original launch team on its Connectivity section. Here is a short memorial to those early days. Here is my first bylined article for them on mainframe communications. And here is a description of how PC Week was my first breakout job. 

Here is a note about some of the people who I worked with when I was there and what they have accomplished since then.

During 2010 I wrote reviews for eWeek Labs:

In 2006-8, I wrote a monthly column for eWeek’s Strategic Partner demographic about new technologies that the channel should keep an eye on. Here are links to the pieces that have run.

In addition to these columns, I also contributed to a new online community called ITLink.

During 2007-8, I interviewed various industry luminaries about channel and technology issues. Here is a video I did at the Microsoft Partner conference. Here are links to the “Channel Chat” podcasts.