Editorial archive

I have been fortunate to have written for dozens of tech publications over the years. In some cases, I held full time editorial positions with properties such as Network Computing, eWeek and Tom’s Hardware. Sadly, much of this work has been removed from the web as pubs have gone out of business.

Here are links to this work produced over the years.

Ars Technica. During 2013 I wrote a couple of networking stories for this site:

Baseline Magazine. I was the Technology Editor for Baseline Magazine from 2008-2011. It began life under Ziff-Davis, now owned by Technology Advice.

CDW’s FedTech and StateTech Magazines. These are print magazines each published quarterly. My latest review is of the HP EliteBook laptop in the 5/19 issue. You can read my other articles here, including software and hardware reviews and stories about networking topics. Here is a review of Watchguard’s Firebox UTM box (1/15) and a story about how state governments can use SSO tools (3/18)

CMP/UBM/Informa. It is hard to track the lineage of the various publications (now owned by Informa), but I will always think about them as part of the CMP family. I have a long history with CMP — I held four full-time editorial management positions (eWeek, Network Computing, VAR Business and EE Times), in addition to writing numerous freelance articles for these and other publications.

Dice/Slashdot. I wrote articles for Slashdot’s business intelligence SlashBI site from  2012-2016. For a moment in time, Dice owned Slashdot, but now it is independent once again.

DigitalLanding.com. In 2006-7, I was the founding editor-in-chief of a Web site devoted to helping consumers understand how to best use broadband Internet connections, and hired a collection of writers and editors to build more than 100 different articles on the topic, including how to use VOIP, digital photography, choosing between cable and DSL connections, and more. The site was sponsored by Acceller, a company that provides back office software to telcos and cable companies to help provision broadband customers. It has since been taken down.

eWeek/PC Week. My first full-time job in tech journalism was as a writer for PC Week back in 1986. Since then I have contributed to its successor eWeek over the years.

GigaOm. Ah, the dearly departed. I wrote longer research papers for the subscription side of GigaOm, called GigaOm Pro, between 2012-14.

IDG Communications. I have written for a number of IDG-based print and Web publications, including Computerworld, Infoworld, PC World, Network World, CSO Online and ITWorld.

Inside.com. From June 2016 to July 2019 I wrote, edited, and curated a daily series of email subscription newsletters called Inside Security. The newsletters link to a variety of content for IT professionals, security managers and interested parties. Eventually the newsletters were sent to more than 15,000 subscribers.

Internet.com. This publication group created or owned a series of titles, including Datamation and CIOUpdate.

New York Times. From 2003-2009, I wrote occasional articles for the Times’ Circuits and Business sections on interesting ways that technologies intersect with businesses.

ReadWrite. In 2011-12, I was the Business Channels Editor for ReadWriteWeb. I handled the operations of six different Web sites for enterprise IT B2B audiences, including ReadWriteEnterprise and ReadWrite Cloud. Sadly, ReadWriteWeb went through a series of changes, and most of this work has been lost to the sands of time.

Techtarget. I have written for TechTarget’s various online and print properties almost since they first began operations in 2000. on my contributor page, you can quickly find everything that I have written for their various properties.

Tom’s Hardware. I ran the editorial operations of Tom’s Hardware during all of 2005. It is a huge collection of Web sites that covers ten different local language versions and has editors testing products in four different countries. While there I helped launch five new sites specializing in mobile products, gaming, news, and digital entertainment.