I have a long history with CMP Media, now called United Business Media, having worked at three full-time editorial positions. My most current pieces are for a blog of Dr. Dobbs called Develop in the Cloud, mostly on app dev topics; another on stopping sweethearting for Solution Providers for Retail; and for Internet Evolution on general topics such as this one on how not to screw up your next tech merger.

A few years ago I wrote a series of freelance pieces for

My first position with CMP was the founding editor-in-chief to launch Network Computing magazine back in the summer of 1990 — good times. (Here is a guest column that I wrote in 2000 on the magazine’s 10th anniversary.) My most recent article was Freddie Mac cashes in on Web services (9/18/06), a case study on the financial services firm.

In the fall of 2004, I worked for the Electronics Group and help launch a series of Web sites aimed at electronics designers under the label, and hired its first staff of site producers. I wrote one  article called Lessons learned from 802.11n (11/1/06) for the WirelessNet DesignLine site.Finally, I started doing freelance work for VAR Business in 2000, and worked full-time as their Technology Editor during 2002-2004. Here is a page of the highlights from that era. (Some of these links are outdated.)

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