Password manager reviews for Network World

Today Network World has posted the latest product review of mine and is the third in a series of reviews over the past year that I have written about the general topic. We all have too many passwords to deal with, and enterprise IT managers have too many products that can manage them.

The most recent review looks at six different products that can be used by either consumers or corporations to handle passwords in a variety of situations. They are Kaspersky Pure, LastPass Enterprise, Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager, 1Password, RoboForm Enterprise, and TrendMicro DirectPass. Because you can’t directly compare the six, I didn’t award a winner, but I did like LastPass and Lieberman’s products a lot.

You can also see the various features of the products in this series of screenshots that I posted on Slideshare.

My earlier review on single sign-on products last December can be found here. These are strictly enterprise-related and look at ways that enterprises can deploy more secure Web services’ logins. The winner of that review was Okta.

Finally, my review of two factor authentication tools last May can be found here. These strengthen passwords by adding another mechanism, such as your cell phone, to the login process. The winner of that review was SecureAuth’s IdP.


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