Dr. Dobbs: Getting Web Navigation Right

When putting together your website pages and menu structure, you have to decide how to organize the content and figure out what goes where and under which menu and topic labels. In the past this was mostly an ad hoc process that involved a few people sitting around a table guessing at how your content should be organized. But now there are online tools that can help you test your website to see if your choices were the right ones, or if there is some other organizational structure that would make more sense for your visitors.

I talk more about how to use two broad categories of tools, card sort and tree testing, in my post today on Dr. Dobbs’ Develop in the Cloud here.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Dobbs: Getting Web Navigation Right

    • Hard to say, and I am not trying to be coy. I think success is when it starts getting comments and that happened within a year or so. I like being able to help people with their technology problems. Thanks for writing in.

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