Every Manager’s Guide to OS/2 (c. 1988)

In a story I did a few weeks ago for ReadWriteWeb, I called Windows 8 the OS/2 of today. I may be right, I may be off base, but it was fun to trip on down memory lane and recall those heady times when Microsoft and IBM actually worked together for a brief moment on an operating system that was going to revolutionize the PC world. Alas, that didn’t happen, and OS/2’s most notable contribution may be the lasting OS that is inside many ATM machines. In that post, I mentioned that I had written a book on OS/2 with Mike Edelhart but it was never published. I was promptly emailed by Martin Iturbide, one of the admins to OS2World.com, and he asked if he could repost the manuscript under creative commons. Why not? It is an interesting historical document, and you can take a look here:

Every Manager’s Guide to OS/2, working title.


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