Personal announcement

I have been doing these Web Informant essays since September 1995 on a more or less weekly basis. It has been the single most effective thing that I have done to further my career, keep in touch with you, my loyal readers, and otherwise act as a sounding board for whatever it is that I am working on.

Today, I start a new job, as business channels editor for ReadWriteWeb. It is a challenging position: I supervise four of their enterprise IT sites and several full-time and part-time writers. My bosses are scattered between New Zealand, Pittsburgh, and Portland, Oregon. It has been years since I last had a “real” job, running multiple pubs.

Nevertheless, I am excited about the opportunity, and looking forward to working with a growing company that has a tremendous reputation. This means that I won’t be doing any freelance writing for my usual outlets (Ziff, IDG, TechTarget, and QuinnStreet), although I still will take some consulting (including doing video reviews), speaking, and custom publishing work.

So what should you do if you want to keep up with my work? For the time being, nothing: sit back and see what makes sense for your particular Strom consumption. I will repost something to this list and on my Web site after it hits RWW’s sites. If you want to subscribe to the RWW email newsletter or feeds, you can find that information on their main Web page or go to their Feedburner feed here:

(My first post is about what enterprise IT workers can learn from the new Oregon Facebook data center and the massive Sony PlayStation Network outage.)

If you are a PR person or work for a vendor in this space and want to pitch me on a story idea, product or service review, please send me an email and I will take a closer look. Can’t promise anything of course.

If you are in the NYC area, I will be attending the 2Way Summit conference held June 13-14 at Columbia University, and you are welcome to book some time to meet up there.


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