SearchCloudComputing: Shopping around for cloud services

We’ve all heard that cloud computing can be cheaper than paying for your own server. But the dirty little secret is that, because almost everything is priced à la carte, comparison shopping can be akin to prying a final number from your local car dealer.

I found this out recently when I got a monthly bill from Amazon Web Services for $37. My past bills had been only a few pennies a month for some test virtual machines I had placed on their servers; how could I run up $37 worth of services? The culprit ended up being the virtual private network  I had forgotten to turn off when my tests were complete. Oops.

And therein lies the challenge for any IT manager on the hunt for cloud savings: to read the fine print and understand what is billable and when the meter starts — or in my case, stops — running. You can get more in my story that ran on SearchCloudComputing this week here. 


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