The MoShow, a new TV program for smartphone apps users

I have been following the (somewhat checkered) career of Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff for several years, and have had the pleasure of working with him on a panel too. He is a very funny and talented guy, doing podcasts, writing books, and now has his own syndicated TV program called The MoShow. The first couple of episodes are available for downloading at the link before it starts airing on stations around the country (and will also be available later this month on DirecTV channel 354.)

I like the mix of fun and frolic with the facts: Mark and his co-host review different smartphone apps and actually try them out for you to see which is more appealing, there are celebrities (at least in my nerds-eye view of the world) who talk about their favorite apps, interviews with the inventors of key apps showing you how they work, and some very funny segments too. Yes, there are dozens of places where you can go get app reviews, but none that allow you to be entertained at the same time. This may be the most enjoyable tech TV show so far created, for a wide audience to find the inner geek in all of us. I wish him well and many episodes.

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