Mediablather podcast: Freelance destruction

We all know that freelance rates have fallen through the floor as
publications have shriveled and community journalism operations like
Associated Content and Demand Media have brought legions of writers
into the market working for pennies on the dollar. They produce a lot
of content, but is it any good?

Tune in to my latest MediaBlather podcast that I do with Paul Gillin.
While we are both all for media democratization, we also believe the
quality of some of the information we get today has declined
precipitously over the past few years. One example is product reviews
and analysis. While more people than ever are beating on the new iPad
and documenting their experiences these days, few of them apply the
methodological rigor and discipline of professional reviewers. It’s
easy to get opinions now, but not necessarily opinions you can trust.

Right-click here to download and listen to the podcast


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