ITworld: XP to Windows 7 migration: 6 tools to help you make the move

If you skipped the big upgrade to Vista you can now consider yourself fortunate that a number of vendors have stepped up to help you migrate your desktops from XP to Windows 7. Microsoft doesn’t make it easy to make the move from XP without some pain and suffering, but does have one tool that can automate the process, along with at least five other vendors.

In a story I did for ITworld, I review the tools here.


One thought on “ITworld: XP to Windows 7 migration: 6 tools to help you make the move

  1. Great article. We’re hearing from our customers that some of their main challenges when migrating to Windows 7 stem from application compatibility issues. They have old apps that depend on Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (or other components of Windows XP) and these apps cannot really run on Windows 7. While Microsoft provides some limited relief in the form of “XP Mode”, it is not really an enterprise class solution that can be used to deploy, update and manage these applications over time. Other VM-based solutions are also very cumbersome to deploy and manage, especially when applications need to be updated over time. InstallFree provides a very robust application compatibility solution that uses our app virtualization technology to run legacy XP apps on Windows 7 without any changes to the apps and without any VMs. If your audience is interested in more information they can visit our web site.

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