Free WiFi at Denver Airport: You get what you pay for

I have had several trips to Denver in the past year, mostly to visit my daughter in college. Last fall they turned on free WiFi at the airport, and while slow I thought it was a nice amenity, particularly as the airport is so far from any civilization that you usually have to allow plenty of time to get there.

Now the stories are out that they use a filter to block several Web sites, including those of Sports Illustrated and some tech blogging sites. (Irony alert: if you are actually reading this in DIA, you won’t be able to get to the above link, which goes to BoingBoing and is on the blocked list!) The reason for the block is to keep porn from the wandering eyes of kids.

The last time I was at DIA, the WiFi was pretty slow and virtually unusable, but my daughter has reported better results (I guess for Facebook and IM it is acceptable.)

Maybe in addition to a smoking section we need to have a porn-viewing section at airports. That would certainly motivate me to get to the airport early!  Come to think of it, why not have such sections on flights as well, once we start having WiFi access on the planes? I would sit there just to get away from the crying babies.


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